February 2, 2020 gaming thingsilike

Last two weeks, I've been playing to Doom II in Nintendo Switch. A game that I've completed at least a couple of times, many years ago, probably while using Windows 95 on a 486. Ahh, great times (now I feel old)

I don't consider a hardcore nor a casual gaming myself: I've played a lot of games, but lately, despite having a gaming PC, I've been putting my sight on other hobbies (photography, drone flying). But, with this release, I've had again the game in mind all the day, I was at work thinking to go home soon, to play it!

This old game has teleported me to the past, where the “playability” of the game is at the core of the experience, and not the graphics, nor the sounds (yeah, I know it was ahead of the time, and the BSP-tree thing is mind-boggling), are the most important aspect of the game. All the game is focused on a fast-paced action, and the idea of exploring the map to try to get all the secrets found. It's not even pretending to look real. Your mission is to search and destroy

It's a simple game, as of today standards. You must resolve simple puzzles, you get a scare here and there, and that's it. The story, the plot is simple enough to not distract you, but credible at the same time. A very good balance on my opinion

I love that games. You don't need to memorize a lot of names, or keyboard mappings. You only sit and play. And running in a platform as Nintendo Switch gives you the bonus of playing anywhere, and power-on-the-console-and-in-15-seconds-you-are-playing thing. I hate that very thing for GTA5, for example. I love that game, but I need a good three or four minutes since I power on my PC, and I'm in game. Well, we can check all the ticks at once, I suppose

And all of this for 5€. With support for mods. And Heretic.

Anybody else playing it?