About me

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My alias is ‘pulimento’ (in twitter and gmail)


I’m Javi Pulido, a Software Engineer born in Bollullos par del Condado (Huelva) and living in Sevilla (best corner of Spain 😉)

Working as an Android dev since 2011, iOS dev since 2014, currently at Plain Concepts, doing mostly mobile and/or research things.

Besides that, my other programming interests include devops and scripting. Some languages I’ve been dabbling around with (not named Java, Objective-C nor C#) are Kotlin and Swift.

I always try to pay very strong attention to detail, expand my knowledge of computer science, and improve my understanding of software engineering as a whole. I am not afraid to take time to learn a new technology or a new subject, particularly if it helps solve a problem I am working on.

This is my first blog, so expect some unexperience here. Expect any kind of content, like notes, photos, or updates on projects I’m currently working on.