About me

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My alias is ‘pulimento’ (in twitter and gmail)


I'm Javi Pulido, a Software Engineer born in Bollullos par del Condado (Huelva) and living in Sevilla (best corner of Spain 😉)

Working as an Android dev since 2011, iOS dev since 2014, currently at Plain Concepts, doing mostly mobile and/or research things.

Besides that, my other programming interests include devops and microcontrollers (ESP32/ESP8266). Some languages I’ve been dabbling around with (not named Java, Objective-C nor C#) are Kotlin and Swift.

I always try to pay very strong attention to detail, expand my knowledge of computer science, and improve my understanding of software engineering as a whole. I am not afraid to take time to learn a new technology or a new subject, particularly if it helps solve a problem I am working on.

Although I love programming, I do really enjoy being outdoors (taking some cool photos, going to the beach, or both)

This is my first blog, so expect some unexperience here. Expect any kind of content, like notes, photos, or updates on projects I'm currently working on.